What we do

We are a social enterprise, limited by guarantee, with a mission to reach those schools others find difficult to reach.

Reaching further online

Same experience for Outer Hebrides and Inner London


Making subjects personally relevant to students

Building aspiration

Helping students see positive futures for themselves

Shane McCracken

Shane McCracken


Blame Shane. He started it all and as the director he is ultimately responsible. His early career was in advertising and publishing and marketing is not a dirty word.

Jamie Sloan

Jamie joined the team in 2020. He has many years’ experience in science education and communication, which mainly involved making various things explode, freeze, or explode because they froze.

Emily Dickson

Event Wrangler

Emily has a Masters in Biochemistry. She joined as a moderator in March 2020 and has worked with us since!

Michaela Butler

Michaela Butler

Project Ninja

Michaela has a background and degree in visual arts. She is the calm power behind the smooth running of our projects.

Josh Doyle

Josh Doyle

Project Ninja

Josh joined us in 2013 after a chemistry degree and a stint as a moderator on the projects. He now works remotely helping us with evaluation, systems, data, but never coffee.

Emily Paget

Site Wrangler

Emily joined the team with a mass of cynical and critical thoughts on communication, technology, accessibility and the technical side of the site.

Josie Miller

Communication Wrangler

Josie has a background in event and festivals management, but her favourite bit was always the writing. Now she looks after our communications while drinking roughly 9-10 cups of tea per day.

News and views

Thank you for applying

Recruiting people to work for you is tough. Not as tough as applying I grant you, but treating people fairly and decently and making the right decision weighs upon me. We’ve had over 20 applications Read more…

We’re hiring

We’ve had a busy 2020 so far and need to expand the team. We’re looking to find two people to join us. Full-time project wrangler. You’ll be a very core part of the team delivering Read more…

Tortoise ThinkIn

Traditional news has become increasingly disappointing over the past 5 to 10 years. Not just the content, but the quality and presentation. News organisations have suffered from cuts to staffing levels, news is 60/24/7. It Read more…

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