Hello. I’m Becky and I’ve joined the team today to be the project evaluator for I’m a Scientist, which I’m excited about since it means I’ll get to rummage around in lots and lots of lovely data and hopefully find out a load of useful things about how the project is having an impact on young people, teachers and scientists/engineers.

I’ll be working here for two days a week. And for the other three days, I’ll still be working up the road near sunny Bristol for Graphic Science.

I’ve been working in science communication and public engagement for a while now, starting with a job as Public Engagement Officer at BBSRC. Before that, I spent some years writing code in a draughty loft to create an online CPD recording system for pharmacists.

My undergraduate degree is in biochemistry, but the temptations of the road less travelled mean I also have a masters in animation.

My transition from one kind of nerd to another came was the result of a brief interaction with puppet theatre about Darwin and an enduring rage about the “frankenfoods” debate.

Other stuff I’ve done includes helping to set up and run a community festival in Bath and playing in an eclectic busking group called the Red Boot Band which I mainly use to legitimise the wearing of gold lamé trousers.

And I know nothing at all about Game of Thrones, which turns out to be a bit of an oversight!

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