Hey! I’m Jen, Mangorolla’s newest Project Wrangler and long-time supporter of I’m A Scientist and I’m An Engineer. I first worked with the team as a moderator back in 2016, and have since been involved in six events! Eventually they convinced me to move to Bath and now here I am, full time.

I started working in science communication in 2013, at a summer placement with Winchester Science Centre, where I presented live science shows to family audiences, later returning to deliver school planetarium shows. I was also heavily involved in outreach with the physics department at the University of Southampton, where I began my undergrad degree.

Having seen so many of the events and the reaction from the students and teachers, I was really keen to come and work on projects that make such a huge difference. There’s nothing else quite like the I’m a… projects when it comes to raising students’ science capital on their own terms.

Outside of work, I’m a massive space nerd with a bad habit of spending all my money on more books than I can actually read. I’m also still studying with the OU to hopefully one day finish my degree, so I can have a piece of paper to show other people that I do actually know what I’m talking about.

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