Hello! I’m Josie and I’ll be looking after Mangorolla’s communications. It’s my job to make sure that everything we say is clear, consistent, and just the right amount of interesting.

I don’t have much of a science background. Before joining the Mangorolla team I was an events and festivals manager, working on some pretty wild events and bringing some big names to my home region of Yorkshire. My favourite thing about that job, though, was getting to write all of the wording for our advertising and our website, so I’m really pleased that I get to work more on that as a Comms Wrangler.

I’ve always liked words: I gained a degree in French from the University of Edinburgh and I know quite a few bits of other languages including Italian, Swedish, and Korean. When I was a student, I would tutor young people with their French homework, and so I know first-hand the horrors of really boring school work… but luckily I think I know of some ways to make it more personal and fun too.

When I’m not working as Comms Wrangler, I like to design and sew my own clothes, and walk my dog, Maggie (she’s quite annoying and barks a lot, but she’s a big softie, really).

I look forward to getting stuck in!

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