Mangorolla is an anagram of Gallomanor. Gallomanor has been delivering online public engagement projects since 2001, and in 2016 we set up Mangorolla CIC, a community interest company, to ensure that future potential profits arising from running our projects went back into our projects an community. The structure allows us access a wider range of funders, partners and advisors than we could with the private company status of Gallomanor.

For example we now have a Board of Directors that include Dr Karen Bultitude of UCL and Simon Burall of the Involve Foundation. We have three more vacancies that we intend filling in early 2017.

Gallomanor will still exist. It retains the IP that has been invested in over the past 15 years and will continue to deliver projects to our overseas partners.

The set up of Mangorolla CIC is part of our business plan being part-funded by our Wellcome Trust Sustaining Excellence grant which carries us through to 2021. In 2017 we will apply for funding through Mangorolla by default.